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Test House

At Marine Results International our dedicated 60 tonne test machine puts superyacht rig products to the ultimate test.  The horizontal tensile testing machine enables rigging, spar and lifting equipment to be ultimately and accurately tested.  This ensures that the design and manufacturing specifications of equipment meet safe working loads.

Our machine tests loads which include splices for halyards on the world’s largest superyachts. It also tests hydraulic cylinders such as vang and backstay, jammer loads and tender lifting equipment.

The test machine is externally calibrated in accordance with ISO 7500-1:2004. It works using destructive testing to bring the individual products under load and was custom designed for use in the marine sector.  The machine is 11 metres long and operates using a hydraulic cylinder.

It is vitally important that we have this accurately calibrated testing machine. We are splicing halyards for yachts of up to 88 metres so the loads are extreme, and there is no room for error.  Having the facility with a test machine of this size means we can provide a highly accurate testing service to our clients. We have extensively tested the running rigging of sailing superyachts of up to 66m  to collect valuable data for supplying new rope work.

A power pack from the load testing machine is also utilised for testing hydraulic systems and cylinders after servicing in the workshop.  The machine is also customised to carry out cycle testing ie. repeated application and releasing to replicate the forces experienced by a yacht at sea.

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