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  • Hull and structure survey

    Hull and structure survey
  • Flaw detection

    Flaw detection
  • Component inspection

    Component inspection

Mast and Rigging Surveys

Marine Results International specialises in the survey of superyacht sailing systems from the deck up.

The team has gained huge experience in all aspects of large yacht sailing systems and continues to carry out sailing system surveys for the pre-purchase of all types of vessels including superyachts.

Often working hand in hand with the yacht hull and engineering surveyors, a typical survey will include a complete ‘on the dock’ visual inspection of masts, rigging, sails and winch systems. This will then be complemented with sea trials and a documented report.

Our pre-purchase survey service provides an in-depth, thorough evaluation of the vessel’s sailing systems. When conditions permit, the inspection includes operational testing of all equipment.

Specialised inspections using a range of non-invasive testing is undertaken by our association company International NDT.

Survey , Mast and Rigging Surveys


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