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  • Standing and running rigging

    Standing and running rigging
  • Supply and maintenance

    Supply and maintenance

Standing and Running Rigging

Spar and rigging

Design details, construction monitoring, assembly and stepping, commissioning and sailing trials, inspection and tuning, service and maintenance and conditional survey.

Standing rigging

Supply and installation, inspection, service and maintenance and conditional survey.

Custom rope work

Custom rope work for any size from day boats to superyachts can be supplied with short lead times. Grand prix rope packages are specified following close consultation with the client to ensure that the rope is doing the right job on the boat.

In an effort to make life easier for the skipper or owner, Marine Results International creates and stores a data file for each yacht to make rope re-ordering simple.

Custom products include loops, strops, dogbones and fairleads developed for grand prix sailing.  Our solutions are  adapted for the superyachts, day racers and cruisers.

Rigging supply and assembly

  • Nitronic 50 rod cold heading from -4 to -430
  • Dyform and 1 x 19 wire roll swaging
  • Fibre rigging in Kevlar and PBO
  • Carbon fibre standing rigging
  • Spartight application
  • Certified davit falls
  • Splicing, decorative rope work and leather work.


  • Design and specification
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service and maintenance.


  • Event logistics
  • Loading and discharging
  • Lashing and securing
  • Yachts and rigs
  • Third party verification.

Architectural rigging

Marine Results can supply non-marine architectural rigging including flagpoles, temporary and permanent structures.

We supply equipment and components from leading manufacturers.

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Standing and Running RiggingStanding and Running RiggingRigging , Standing and Running Rigging


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