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  • Standing and running rigging

    Standing and running rigging
  • Supply and maintenance

    Supply and maintenance


Marine Results International has built up an extensive knowledge of spars from aluminium to high tech composites, over the past 10 years.  Because a spar package is built from many components, Marine Results, as an independent supplier, will ensure that the right spar package or components are chosen for each yacht’s requirement.


Cruising masts and rigging should be removed in line with the manufacturers’ recommendations, typically a minimum of every 4 years. Our refit programme which underpins this requirement should be planned and scheduled before the boat arrives at the re-fit yard. Removing the mast gives the opportunity to access areas of the rig for inspection that are not accessible whilst the mast is stepped.

Pre-refit inspections

Pre-refit inspections allow a full assessment of the work schedule and cost that should be included within the refit budget.  This assessment assists with scheduling and cash flow.

Products and maintenance

Marine Results International works closely with various suppliers to source the best product for an application. The initial specification through to the rolling maintenance programme is essential to a yacht’s performance.

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