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Two more yachts for annual rig servicing

Prana - 220x140


Marine Results supports the world’s best known sailing superyachts throughout their lives, and repeatedly return to carry out annual service work for a number of boats on a regular basis.  In the next few weeks the team will carry out an annual service inspection to the rig of Valquest, the Dubois built 40.75 metres (134 ft) long yacht.  An inspection will also be carried out on the 52m (170ft) Prana, another Dubois yacht.  “The tightening of insurance regulations are increasingly requiring yachts to have annual inspection with a full inspection involving removing the rig, every 5 years,” says Ben Porteous of Marine Results.  “This means the activity is increasing for specialist companies like Marine Results.”  Many of the inspections are carried out at the company’s workshops in Palma, Mallorca and La Ciotat, France.