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Seaway Powell Marine: service and support from Marine Results

The purchase of the intellectual property of superyacht systems manufacturer means Marine Results is now the company to go to for full support and spares.

Seaway Powell Marine Ltd went into liquidation in 2016.  The acquisition will enable Marine Results to access the blueprints to the high quality hydraulic systems, large underdeck captive winches, capstans, hydraulic cylinders, traveller systems, and other hydraulic systems that Seaway Powell produced for several decades.

Jon Morris of Marine Results comments “We have invested heavily in purchasing these resources from Seaway Powell.  We are working closely with Peter Powell who formerly led Seaway Power IMH Ltd so that together we can, as rapidly as possible, provide service and support to the superyachts and other vessels which are equipped with these products and systems.”

Morris continues “Marine Results has further invested in new tooling and upgraded the test facilities at our Hamble UK headquarters, so that we are able to carry out the highly customised servicing of Seaway Powell equipment.”

He emphasises the importance of the continuity that Marine Results is providing.  “There are over 120 captive winches on board yachts under navigation today and we will be endeavouring to make contact with each of them.  The winches are intricate pieces of engineering that need to be serviced correctly.  We hold the records of each yacht and have very detailed drawings of all the individual component parts of the assemblies.”  Seaway Powell capstans are also used by the MOD and RNLI.

Marine Results’ considerable experience in hydraulics, built over more than fifteen years of Americas Cup, Volvo and superyacht servicing puts the company in a natural position to continue with this important resource and support.

The company is now servicing the following Seaway Powell products as well as providing spare parts:  Captive winches: CW12, CW14, CW16, CW18, CW1824; Capstans: C3000E, C4000E, C4000H, C9500, C12500, C15000, Hydraulic Cylinders, Travellers, Transom door/Hatch Locks and Runner Foreguy Winches. Call us for more information if your vessel has Seaway Powel equipment onboard.