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More new technology: an approach to inspecting solid carbon rods

Solid carbon fibre rod rigging is a relatively new development in the marine industry.  Marine Results has drawn up an NDT inspection approach to ensure that any defects in carbon rod components are detected. The company recommends that any inspections are undertaken immediately after manufacture, to detect any flaws, plus routine inspections according to manufacturer recommendations and service inspections such as before major voyages or regattas.

Rod detection is carried out using ultrasound imaging through the full rod cross section – 180 degrees of rod cross section is inspected in a single measurement. Inspections indicate voids, porosity and fibre separation.  Inspection results, ie the screen images are verified by using destructive techniques to show actual manufacturers’ test samples of similar defects.

Marine Results has carried out inspections with rod sizes from 10 to 80mm diameter.  Inspections target high load areas at terminations and spreader junctions.