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Marine Results visit Seldén to see the top section of Maiden’s carbon mast being wound

Seldén Mast Ltd is supplying the new carbon mast and boom for Tracy Edwards’ round the world race yacht Maiden.
The iconic Farr 58 is being given a new lease of life and the rigging package is being project managed by Marine Results, to get her ready for her new campaign – The Maiden Factor. Supported by HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Maiden will once again set sail around the world, but this time will be spreading the word that all girls have potential and the right to an education.
Seldén Mast Ltd Managing Director, Steve Norbury commented: “Marine Results approached Seldén to participate in this particular project as they have worked with us before and know the extent of our capabilities. The rig for Maiden needed to be highly customised and they knew that we would work closely and diligently with them to ensure that they receive exactly what they need”.
Maiden’s original spar was a bespoke aluminium spar, the likes of which are not made any more as technology has moved on. To achieve this level of individual design we use modern composite processes to make a carbon mast”, continued Norbury. “The new Maiden carbon rig will have a custom laminate with very specific properties to facilitate the stiffness and strength specifications.”
“Due to Maiden’s age and layout we have had to customise our laminate and reinforcement specifications; working very closely with Marine Results to ensure that we achieve exactly what is required. The original spar was heavily tapered, and the new rig is required to have the same look. The only way that this can be accomplished is to manufacture in carbon with our computer numerically controlled filament winding machine and then paint in a custom silver finish to give it the same appearance the original”, Technical Director, Andy McCormack added.
Jon Morris of Marine Results commented: “It was great to see the Maiden project progressing so well at Seldén today. Watching the top section of Maiden’s carbon mast being wound was a great milestone for all involved and we look forward to seeing the finished results.”
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