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Marine Results revisits ‘Maltese Falcon’

Marine Results has been appointed by Maltese Falcon, the world’s largest sailing yacht, to carry out  replacement of all the diagonal yard stays on her revolutionary three masted rig, as well as servicing the yard end outboard sheaves which have come to the end of their eight year life and are therefore due for replacement.  The move followed a one year inspection, to meet insurance requirements, carried out by Marine Results’ John Morris when he visited the yacht.  The diagonal stays were found to be no longer serviceable as the sheaves in the custom sheave boxes in the outboard end of the yard were no longer turning.  In total 72 stays are to be replaced. The stays go between mast and yard, on each of her self-standing and rotating masts which hoist 15 sails for a total sail area of 2,400 square metres.


The project is ambitious – the skilled riggers will work 50 metres in the air on the end of the yards.  Luckily Marine Results has extensive experience and skills in this type of work.