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Custom clew bobbin for Aglaia

August 2012: The job of optimizing the running rigging systems for another of the world’s tallest masts, that of the 66 metre performance sloop Aglaia, built only last year, is in the capable hands of Marine Results.

Earlier in the year we first supplied a customised rope package that far exceeded the theoretical working loads. Prior to this we carried out extensive destruction testing of the lines to verify the manufacturer’s specifications at our in house facility.

We test-sailed the boat in Palma and then on request from the yacht produced a safe and elegant solution for connecting the genoa sheet to the clew of the sail. A prototype has been satisfactorily tested on the boat, and two new connectors will be supplied for next season’s sailing.

The 83 metre mast (only 9m shorter than the tallest mast in the world, that of M5, formerly Mirabella) is very technologically advanced. Aglaia, designed by Dubois Naval Architects and built at Vitters, also has one of the largest composite rudders created.

Our relationship continues with more testing over the winter, and supply of new equipment for next season.